Terms and Conditions for Creating a Store

1) www.mibusy.com is a Personal Network and its purpose of use may differ from person to person and it is solely made for non harmful uses.

2.a) www.mibusy.com is a open Online Market Place, and is gives every user aging over 13 or more permission to open store & Sell a General or Virtual Product online with us.
2.b) www.mibusy.com website also discloses that all the content shared in the public content space such as ex. NEWS JOBS BLOG STORE etc will be made available to public and will be shared on search engines, its results and any user will have access to read & search the content. The Company will not be Held Responsible if any Claims are made Related to sharing of these contents.
2.c) The Company has strong Policy for protection of copyrighted content but shall not be responsible if any user violates the Copyright rules of any country or nation as it is entirely the sole responsibility of the user to follow the Copyright Terms and Policies.
2.d) www.mibusy.com strongly opposes Adult content, hence any of such content should not be either shared or Sold out from the website. And All the Store Payments and Due will be Stopped at the Same moment.
2.e) All the Products Sold from www.mibusy.com will be charged 8% of commission on all sale of which 2-3% will be charged for Online Transaction.
2.f) It Will be Whole and Sole Responsibility of the Product Seller to Ensure He/She Provides his Correct Bank/Financial Details.
2.g) It is The Responsibility of the Product Seller to ship Products on or Before Due date without Fail or the website keeps full rights to put hold on its payments.
2.h) The Product Seller also agrees to it that if he's delivered Product is found liable for a Refund / Replacement the Seller will Provide the Customer with a replacement or take his/her products back with no Payments made. (please refer T&C for Refund).
2.i) All the Virtual Products sellers Should have Copyright or Valid Distributor Certificate for selling the Virtual Products or they are liable to face a legal action against them and in Such case the company will not be held liable for violation of the rule.

(**All of the Above Terms are subjected to Change without Prior Notice According the Company Policies)