Rahul Dupare
1 years ago

How to develop best Website & practices to follow.

<p>There was a time when Websites would just be a formality for enterprises and it wont really matter what you put up on your website and its content won t make a big difference. But with the growth of search engines like google & yahoo, websites today are no longer just a formality for a enterprise

but they play major role in forming the companies marketing strategy. Today Websites not only just help you market your way to growth in a cheap yet effective way but also play a very vital role in generating good and reliable leads for your enterprise. Today you can stay in any part of the world and yet do business with a person sitting in the other side or the globe who access your business website after watching it on the search engine. 

Now most people just consider website development a easy task and forget to access the fact that website development is far more complex than that. Website development is relatively a complex task than just coding up few HTML pages using CSS and Jquery. That's the reason why most of the website s end up way down in the search engine results and are not able to generate sales through their platform. It is very important to analyze the target market competition and the number of websites with same market focus before planning a website. You can also use key word research tools such as google keyword planner or just start by searching something related to your business offerings on search engines. This will help you analyze the number of websites with similar offerings and their strategy. Once you are done with this you can utilize this data to develop your own website.

Now that you know how to analyze your competitive websites you might be thinking to copy their content as it is to your website. But stop always use real and unique content while developing a website or modern search engines like google are smart enough to predict this trick of yours. This might also lead to depreciation of your website form search results for sometimes or for always. 


Make proper use of the H1 H2 H3 Tags use p tags as per stated by the search engine guidelines. Never leave alt tag of a image empty as they are the best way to use keywords without showing it to the people and search engine use them to analyze the images meaning.

All of this might seem to be like a complicated task to many of you who don t have technical background, in that case you might want to out source your website development to companies like WebCuits Technology Pvt. Ltd. who have extensive skill sets to help you with your website development and Online brand management. 

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