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<p class="ql-align-center"><strong>Chocolate</strong></p><p class="ql-align-center"><strong><em>“Anything is good if it s made of chocolate.” </em></strong></p><p class="ql-align-center"><strong><em> ― </em></strong><a href="" target="_bla

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Chocolate is favorite among every age of people from children to old ones. Each occasion, we celebrate it with chocolates. One of the best gifts for anyone is chocolate. When we see chocolates we become happy. It comes in many brands. In India Cadbury, KitKat, Snickers, Hershey s and Amul are the top brands.

We know that chocolates have bad effects on our health but there are some good effects of chocolate also. 

The following are good effects of chocolates on human health:

1. Chocolates help to reduce cholesterol level in humans.

2. Scientists suggested drinking 2 cups of hot chocolate daily keeps the brain healthy and reduce memory decline in older people. It helps to improve blood flow to the brain.

3. It helps to reduce the risk of heart disease by one-third.

4. Eating 100 gms of chocolate each day may be linked to lower risk of heart disease and stroke.

5. Little dark chocolate might boost oxygen availability during fitness training.


Light chocolates contain milk and milk contain protein and calcium, and Dark chocolates contain iron and level of antioxidants in their product.


So, from now onwards don’t keep fear while eating chocolates. Eat chocolates and celebrate your happiness with each occasion.