akshay patil
1 years ago

Microsoft could announce Google Chrome OS rival at May 2 event

<p><br></p><p><img src="https://www.mibusy.com/temp/20e6749fbfa5a1219bd328d0c348def9/uploads/f3a915643c22f9df0194524ec900903b.jpg" alt="https://www.mibusy.com/temp/20e6749fbfa5a1219bd328d0c348def9/uploads/f3a915643c22f9df0194524ec900903b.jpg"></p><p>Microsoft could soon launch a new operating system

to rival Google’s cloud-based Chrome OS. The company is holding an event in New York on May 2, where it’s expected to unveil the new OS. Likely to be called Windows 10 S, the new OS will be variant of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. As reported by Windows Central website, Windows 10 S will work in the same way as Google’s Chrome OS and will be aimed at the education sector. A leaked document showing minimum requirements for Windows 10 S has also surfaced online.

According to the document, a device (with the name ‘Cloudbook’) that supports Windows 10 S should have 10+ hours of battery life, quad-core processor (Celeron or better), 4GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage (64GB for 64-bit OS), eMMC/SSD storage and should support an external stylus pen or touch display.

READ ALSO: Microsoft introduces To-do app, plans to retire Wunderlist The report further mentions that Windows 10 S will come with a few improvements over Windows RT. The new OS will have a refined store for Universal Windows Apps, upgrade path to Windows 10 Home or Pro and support for Win32 apps via ‘Project Centennial’ bridge. Microsoft has been focussing a lot on the OS front off lately. The company recently rolled out Windows 10 Creators Update for all the Windows 10 users. The OS comes with new features and improvements. The company also announced that going forward, it will be streamlining major Windows, System Center Configuration Manager and Office releases . From now on, the company will only push out feature releases twice a year. While the first major release of this year came out last month in the form of Windows 10 Creators Update, the next big update will arrive in September this year.