Rahul Dupare
12 months ago

The girl on the platform & the one foot difference.

<p>It was just like my regular travels to mumbai, where i go to mumbai meet a prospect and head back to Nagpur by duranto exp. Though this particular time i booked the howrah mumbai duranto. So i finished all my meetings early and was waiting at the station for the train and turns out the train was

delayed and shifted to a different platform. I went on to platform no 16 waiting for the train. Suddenly this girl wearing black outfit comes from the stairs side travelling alone looking quiet confident and friendly at the same time. I could see innocence in her eyes, she was beautiful looked great. She smiled to everyone she talked to constantly chatting or may be playing some game on the phone. (Lets just say playing game for the sake of some opportunity 😜).So i stood there watching her with cornered eyes. She also kept giving a glance at me or may be at the coach no board who knows.So there i stood waiting for the train to delay a bit more so that i could gather confidence to go and talk to her and make my move. So i took my position in the zone of action and place myself close enough to talk but with a human shield in between. There was this repair works going on the platform which made lot of sound so when the announcer made a announcement she couldn't hear well and she reached out to this guy standing besides me to ask about it, i felt really jealous at the moment as i just missed the chance by just a foot. So next time when she went for a quick walk i shifted my spot pushed my self a little closer to her spot and removing the shield from the middle, there were this 1000 thoughts running down my head what will be the move how i am going to create a opportunity for myself and what not. I was like a sniper in the field of action. So meanwhile she was returning to her spot i had to hold the breath look and the target but not scare it away and had to make my move just in the right time. She kept coming closer and just when she was to reach the place a guy came out of no where and sat just beside me (i am actually cursing this guy in my mind).

So the girl comes and sits beside this guy asks for a power bank and they have this little chat (looked like he was married or was at least engaged but was still there spoiling my game.)and i am like this was me there talking to her exchanging information or some humor (woo her by my tech knowledge) but i missed this chance by a foot again and probably due to this desperate guy who wouldn't say i dont have a power bank to give me a chance :-D . This is just one a way a geek a nerd a introvert guy misses his chance to talk to a girl. After waiting watching and planning for hours the most close you reach to some one is a foot. The train arrived just after that and although she boarded the same compartment in which i was travelling but i couldn't see much of her again. I think she was on Coach B4 seat 40 I hope she reads this and if she remembers seeing me she can contact me on mibusy or may be on fb. May we could hang out sometime.