Rahul Dupare
7 months ago

CloudNBFC 2.0 - Loan Management Software

<p>WebCuits Cloud NBFC 2.0 is back with the Best NBFC loan management software features for your Leasing, Finance &amp; Lending Business Management. Rated Best Cloud based Online software for Two wheeler finance, Automotive Finance &amp; Leasing, Finance &amp; Lending Business of any size.</p><p><br


CloudNBFC 2.0 is successor to CloudNBFC a flagship Fin-tech NBFC loan management software for Loan origination, Loan Management, Recovery Management, Finance & Loan Tele-calling Management product of WebCuits. Built on the same Powerful Clean & Simple architecture, CloudNBFC 2.0 gives a Financial Firm the technical edge above their competitors and leverages the overall operational capability of NBFC, Finance & Lending firm. Built using the technologies the world relies on and backed by strong API control center CloudNBFC 2.0 is as flexible as you want it to be to meet the ever growing demands of your NBFC, Finance, Leasing, Lending or Loan sourcing business.

CloudNBFC 2.0 is based on the customer centric finance and lending software development approach, to make sure the customer is always at center of your finance, leading, and leasing business priorities. CloudNBFC 2.0 is a stand alone loan management software that can be used as a CRM software to maintain customer records, tele-calling software to maintain your call records and finance, lease and loan recovery calling, to maintain loan recovery records, full fledged NBFC, finance and lending business accounting software and Auditing software .

CloudNBFC 2.0 runs on most effective application development technologies offered by the leaders in Technology like Google, Mongo, Vue, IOS, PHP and many more. We follow all the latest trends and guidelines for development to make our loan management software light weight, super fast & Secure so that your finance & lending business doesn t have to slow down due to the software.

Our loan management software applications are not installed locally so next time when your systems are in maintenance don t worry about taking backup, creating setup files or even give us a call to set up the software just go ahead open your ip and start using. Our database are flexible they scale as you grow, to make sure you can focus on the increasing the business not the loan management software. We only charge if you use something extra no charges if you don t subscribe to anything new.

Zero Maintenance.CloudNBFC 2.0 doesn t require maintenance at all during its operations at your finance and lending business, except for the yearly cloud renewal charges. That means no hidden costs no over head charges.

Pay only when -

you need something new or need something modified in your loan management software.No Installations Required.CloudNBFC 2.0 is a plug & play loan management software application, which enables you to use it from any device from any place without any hassle. So when you setup a new account or buy new system for your finance and lending business, you don t need to pay us for installation you can start working from the device just like that.Scale as you Move.Unlike any other NBFC loan management software where you have to buy it all at one time! CloudNBFC 2.0 gives you the flexibility to keep on adding featured and modules as per your need. You can scale the servers up or down as per your demand. So you only have to pay for the modules that you really use.API Ready Structure.We understand your NBFC might need some modules from others sources or you need to share your data with other s that s why we bring you state of the art powerful Inbuilt API ready data structures. So now you can just share the key and Token with any one to share your data on the go hassle free. IOT Ready NBFC Software ApplicationsWe know collection is a hard task, that why we have integrated SDK s for the bluetooth printers and some pos devices directly in our mobile application so you don t have to worry about the receipts that a customer gets on a remote location. Tracking your Employees can be a hard task so we Integrated GPS & GIS into the software. Verify Customer locations on Map.Verifying customer locations on pen paper photograph are now old school techniques for NBFC loan management softwares. CloudNBFC 2.0 lets you verify your customer locations directly on Geo-location & Maps powered by MiBusy and sourced by OSM. So that next time your recovery boy doesn t get lost.

First in Class Operational Flow ManagementCloudNBFC 2.0 has always been the pioneer in NBFC software development from and this time when have outplayed ourselves to introduce the first in Class Operational Flow Management System which lets you decide how your NBFC loan management software sales flow would be, or how your loan management software recovery would work.

More info about CloudNBFC-2.0 here.