Rahul Dupare
9 months ago

Why developing a Custom Software for your Business might Solve most of your management problems.

<p>As a Software consultant i get to meet a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs from a vast segment of industries, as a common trend that I have been observing for quite some years now is that within 15 minutes of meeting these people they start to explain me the problems they are facing on day

to day basis with employees, resource and customer management in their business. They also go ahead and ask me to give them the best of the best software that an MNC is using to manage their business so that they can run their business with ease. To most people this might sound like a good deal but what they miss here is that not every business is same and so are its problem, they vary from firms to firms and company to company. For some people employee management might be a real problem but for some its just a easy task and money management is their problem, so as a matter of fact if either one of them buy a Top rated software will just be a waste of money because that software will not be able to solve their real problem or it will have too many options that are not even relevant to their business. 

Why Standard software is not an option for you -

Most of the standard software s are made for a big crowd considering and covering a vast segment of Business industry hence end up having a lot of function, this is enough to confuse you or your employees which will only give rise to new problems instead of solving them. Plus these software are priced very high which will set you back by a big amount and you will most likely end up paying for modules which you don t even need. Or these software will be priced very low which means the company which has developed it will not maintain it time to time they will have a small team to solve your problems and queries and will not be able to give you proper support.

If something goes wrong the servicing charge is going to be pretty high that means you need to keep putting in money in the software. 

If you lose data there will be no single authority to deal with until to recover the entire data. 

What can you do?

The simple and easy solution to this is to make Customized Tailored software for your business that will only have modules that you really need and will be easy to use. A good customized software is like having a good spec if they are according to your eyes comfort your vision is clear if you use someone else s you are likely to fall. 

What is a customized business software?

Now a customized software is a set of software programs that are developed specifically to meet the requirements and demands of your business. The modules are designed keeping in mind the needs of your business its workflow and day to day operations. You can ask the development company of development teams to change or alter the code of your software according to your need without having to worry too much about the expenses. A customized software will show your employees the modules that are relevant to them avoiding everything else so that it is easy for them to work on the software. 

Why is customized software beneficial?

Most of the people will suggest you go for a customized software because it is made for you and your needs, the cost of development is very low as compared to buying a Prepacked software. 

Since you are in constant contact with the people developing your Customized software you can call them up and ask assistance any time you want, unlike the prepacked software vendors. 

The costing of a customized software development is pretty clean and clear you explain to the developers what you want they make a flow or requirement analysis report you approve it and they tell you the costing according to that which you can verify without any technical knowledge. 

You have the feeling that you are using a software one of a kind. 

Whom to contact for Customized software development?

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